The Notice of Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development on Implementing the Relevant Provisions of the Green Building Engineering


JJF (2017) No.22

To units and departments concerned:

In order to implement the Green Building Engineering <the Valuation Basis of Beijing Construction Project—Budgeted Consumption Quota in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the “Quota”), meeting the valuation requirements of green building engineering and guide the market to reasonably determine and effectively control the construction costs, now the relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Scope of application

This Quota is applicable to the followings: the house buildings and decorations, general installations, municipal administration, landscaping, new construction or extension of urban railway traffic engineering, the overall renovation of buildings, municipal renovation and other projects within the administrative region of Beijing Municipal, including building construction engineering designed and constructed in accordance with the related standards of national and municipal green buildings.

II. Function of Quota

(I) This Quota is used as the basis of preparing the budget of construction project and the highest bid price for state-owned capital investment projects and as the reference basis of preparing engineering bidding and quoting, determining the contract price of engineering construction contracts.

(II) This Quota is used as the quantitative criteria of labor, materials and construction machines applied for completion of qualified products with stipulated unit of measurement under the normal condition of construction.

III. Valuation rules

(I) For the price of the elements in the Quota, including labor, materials and construction machines, the current market price at the preparation of budget shall be applied, and the market price shall not include deductible VAT.

(II) This Quota shall be used in combination with the Valuation Basis of Beijing Construction Project—Quota of Budget in 2012, and any project not covered in this Quota, except as otherwise specified, shall be implemented according to the Valuation Basis of Beijing Construction Project—Quota of Budget in 2012 and relevant administrative provisions.

(III) At the time of preparing the bill of quantities for bid inviting, the project not covered in the existing national measurement specification of the bill of quantities shall be supplemented with item codes according to relevant provisions for preparing the bill of quantities. The project name, project characteristic, unit of measurement and calculation rules of quantities shall be prepared in accordance with relevant provisions of this Quota and in combination with the actual situation of proposed construction projects.

IV. Other provisions

The project that needs to be supplemented for green building engineering shall be handled according to the process as stipulated in the Declaration Procedures of Supplementary Budget Quota in 2012 (JJF (2014) No.57).

V. Execution time

This Notice shall be implemented since December 1, 2017 (inclusive).

Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development

October 9, 2017 

Copy to: Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Municipal Planning and Land Resources Management Committee, Municipal Audit Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau, Municipal Internal Revenue Commission, Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, Municipal Statistics Bureau, Municipal Court, Municipal Procuratorate, Municipal People’s Bank.

Printed and issued by the Office of Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development on October 30, 2017

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